Derek Jeter rookie card breaks record, sells for nearly $100K

Derek Jeter is still setting records even though his playing days are over.

Jeter’s rookie card sold for $99,100 in an eBay auction Friday, marking the highest price ever paid for a modern-day baseball card.

According to ESPN, Adrian Proietti has been identified as the buyer with the highest bid through an auction overseen by PWCC.

The 1993 Upper Deck SP features a foil design and is a perfect 10 on the PSA/DNA grading scale, adding even more to its value since there are only 22 of those specific Jeter rookie cards that have received a grade of 10 out of 10, ESPN notes.

While the card sets the record for the most paid for a modern-baseball card, it doesn’t quite compare to a couple of the rookie cards auctioned off of NBA and NFL players

If Winston sits three games, or any amount of time, the Buccaneers would be forced to start quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who posted a 2-1 record last season when he was asked to start due to Winston’s shoulder injury.

Behind Fitzpatrick is Ryan Griffin, who now figures to be Tampa Bay’s backup quarterback for the first part of this season.

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